BA in Global Communication

The BA in Global Communication provides students with an in-depth understanding of how communications practices, theories and skills powerfully shape and inform the world we live in. The programme’s takes a global approach to communication studies, which is crucial in a field where new technologies and forms of communication have shrunk time and space. The programme  focuses on two key fields, namely, media studies and strategic communication, which are studied from a global angle which emphasizes intercultural differences and the global trends that shape them. Example courses include courses in public diplomacy, political communication, advertising, public relations, lobbying, intercultural communication, journalism and film. In addition to their theoretical education, students are trained to acquire valuable practical skills including the ability to find, analyse, critique, organise, write, edit and present information aimed at different audiences.

Career perspectives

Graduates of Global Communication at VeCo are well prepared to play a leading role in the communications department of political institutions, corporations, lobbying firms and media organisations. Careers of our recent graduates include: communications & public relations, marketing & advertising, media & journalism, International Organisations (NATO, EU), policy research and political communication.

Global Communication graduates can continue their postgraduate studies in a wide range of fields, including in communications, leadership, management, marketing, PR, journalism, media management, business, and human resources. Our graduates who majored in Global Communication have successfully completed graduate studies in a number of prestigious universities, including Georgetown University in Washington, DC, the London School of Economics, the University of Edinburgh, Boston University, the George Washington University and the University of St Andrews.

An International Hub of Communication

Studying Global Communication in Brussels offers students the opportunity to study in the world’s top diplomatic city, and one of the world’s largest business and media centres, home to the second-largest press corps. Students learn from experienced professionals from political institutions, media organisations and international corporations via guest lectures, and they gain practical experience thanks to the internship programme. This is invaluable in enabling them to make use of the knowledge and training acquired through their studies, as well as in helping them to quickly develop and operate within a professional environment.

Through Vesalius College’s extensive network, students can establish contacts and pursue networking opportunities that will be valuable throughout their careers. Vesalius College’s Communications department is an institutional member of the European Communication Research and Education Association, which allows our students to connect with other ECREA members through activities, conferences and seminars organised by the association.