Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management

“From Early Warning to Comprehensive Action”

The Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management provides participants with unique insights and fundamental skills required for mastering the field of global risk analysis, early warning and the management of major man-made and natural disasters.

The programme is taught by a renowned faculty of senior officials from major international organisations (such as the European Union, NATO and the United Nations), NGOs as well as leading security scholars.

It will allow participants to gain in-depth knowledge and a wide range of practical tools for identifying and analysing global security risks and advancing effective responses to humanitarian, military and political ‘complex crises’.

Upon successful completion of the 10 course modules, which will be held from October 2018 to June 2019, and the associated exams, participants will be awarded the Advanced Certificate in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management.

The Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management is jointly organized by Vesalius College, the Institute for European Studies (IES) and the Global Governance Institute (GGI).

The course is also available online, which enables participants to follow the modules regardless of where they live. For more details on how to follow the course online, please contact the

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