Call for application: SUNY Model EU 2019

Vesalius College is looking for two teams of five talented and ambitious students to partake in the SUNY Model European Union simulation in New York, hosted by the State University of New York and Ithaca College from April 4th-6th, 2019.

The Model EU simulation combines over 120 university students from across Europe and the United States to discuss and debate relevant European Union issues. Each team represents an EU member state with the following roles:

  • Prime minister: head of cabinet and leads other minister in executive governmental decisions
  • Foreign Affairs Minister: responsible for the oversight of diplomacy, defense, and development of its member state to the EU
  • Minister of Finance: responsible for the management and representation of economic, fiscal, and financial policy at both EU and global levels
  • Ambassador to the EU (COREPER): sets the agenda for EU policy discussion for different Council configurations and creates agreements and compromises between the EU members in order for latter adoption by the Council
  • Member of the Press: Writes and reports on updates of the different councils’ discussions in order to release information via media to the public and maintain EU transparency

As in the previous years, students of all four majors (IA, Business, Communications and Law) in at least their second year of university are welcomed to apply. Only one team will receive full financial coverage for flights and accommodation, while the second team must budget their own finances. Scholarship of attendance is determined based off of application by the Selection Committee.

How to participate?

Interested students should prepare a motivation letter and an updated CV (including current GPA). The motivation letter should outline the reasons and motivations for applying, the student’s qualifications and what the student would bring to the team in terms of skills. Prior participation to the SUNY Model EU would be considered a plus.

The deadline for applications is November 7th. Short listed candidates will be notified as of November 16th to schedule an interview on November 21st. Chosen students will undergo 2-3 training sessions prior to departure for New York.

Please submit your application HERE.

Best of luck!